I have been practicing astrology and giving readings, live or via Zoom, for more than 20 years. My first training was with the long deceased Brigitte Theler and Hajo Banzhaf, as well as a counselor training with Christl Oelmann with examination by Brigitte and Hajo. I have attended advanced training courses with Verena Bachmann, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Eric and Sonja van Slooten, Dr. Christof Niederwieser, Ray Merriman and Markus Jehle, among others.

Required data: Date, place and time of birth. The time can be obtained from the registry office of the place of birth for a fee. From experience, mothers are not good sources for the exact time, which is also rarely on the birth certificate.

Compensation for about 1.5 hours of astrological horoscope reading and life counseling: 180 €.

I also create group horoscopes, where one can see, for example in companies, how people in the composition of a group, e.g. in the board of directors, work together in projects, whether their respective qualities complement or interfere with each other, whether they work in the interest of the company, etc..

It is also easy to see how someone new is going to affect the group structure. Of course, this requires the birth data and the consent of the individual.
Price on request.