MindFlow with Aiga von Kesselstatt

MindFlow – How to achieve everything through not-wanting and not-doing

MindFlow with Aiga von Kesselstatt

MindFlow aims at all people who want to release their issues and blockages and live freer and healthier.

MindFlow is based on techniques that are more than 5,000 years old and have only been passed down from master to master, one of whom is Tom Mögele, who developed MindFlow and brought it to the world.

In essence, it is about no longer wanting to have or strive for anything in the state of the G4 consciousness, but to be able to allow and accept.

Then abundance can come to me that exceeds my wildest dreams and problems and stress are transformed into energy.

You can learn this yourself in seminars and courses or you can book me for an individual session in which I will use it to solve your issues.

Individual sessions Aiga von Kesselstatt

In individual sessions, I address the issues specifically by providing the G4 state of consciousness that releases the energy blocked within so that they can dissolve. We may also encounter causes that lie in past lives in the process. Individual sessions are also available by phone, after first getting to know each other through Zoom or other online visual encounter platforms.



In the seminars you will learn to gradually enter yourself deeper and deeper into the state of G4 consciousness. This will enable you to release issues and blockages yourself with techniques on how to apply the G4. You will thus learn how to help yourself and transform stress into energy on a daily basis.

Basic Seminar

In the Basic Seminar you will be introduced to the G4 and get first application possibilities in daily life. In the seminar, first issues and blockages are already solved, which is often noticeable in your environment without intention.

Practitioner Education

In the Practitioner Education, the prerequisite for which is participation in a Basic Seminar, we go very deeply into your own issues and blockages in 5 or 6 days. You will learn further techniques that you can apply yourself.

Expert Education

The Expert Education, which requires attendance of a Practitioner Education, is given only by Tom Mögele himself and enables you to work with clients and give sessions. Info at www.mindflowacademy.net.


About me

It gives me enormous pleasure to be able to experience the change in people, both during the individual sessions as well as during the seminars.

I know that with MindFlow I carry tools within me that, without needing anything on the outside, enable me to transform just about any situation in life, no matter how difficult, into a source of energy.