MindFlow Seminars

Aimed at all people who want to release their issues and blockages and live more freely and healthily.

Basic Seminars

  • In the Basic Seminar you will learn how to enter the G4 consciousness and transform stress into energy.
  • The main point is to feel and understand where you are losing energy, how to stop it and how to transform the cause of the energy loss into a source of energy.
  • You learn

    • to feel energy – in yourself and the other participants
    • to create win-win situations out of daily challenges
    • to step out of manipulation and victimhood.
  • Let yourself be surprised how your environment will change afterwards and how unexpected solutions can show up.

On request I will gladly give Basic Seminars at your place.

MindFlow Seminare

Practitioner Education for Advanced MindFlowers

  • In the 5 (5 consecutive days) or-6 days (2 x 3 days) Practitioner Education the participants are guided and accompanied on a deep journey into their own inner being.

  • Deep-seated blockages can dissolve more comprehensively than in the Basic Seminar, since we can approach them more specifically than is possible in the Basic Seminar.

  • The participants learn to dive deeper and deeper into the G4 and thus to stimulate their self-healing powers on a physical and mental level.

  • The inner work also allows for increased beneficial „coincidences“ and good opportunities that suddenly arise on the outside.

  • We learn that there is always a solution.

  • We become more and more the people we really are and express the abilities for which we came to earth

  • Prerequisite: Participation in a Basic Seminar with a Mindflow trainer.

Upon request, I will be happy to give Practitioner Educations at your place.

Practice meetings for participants of all levels

Basis – Practitioner – Experts

Energetic Journeys in the G4

(short „G4 Journeys“)

In addition to the practice meetings, I offer energetic journeys in G4 for all MindFlow levels, which take place within a group. If needed, a G4 journey can also be integrated into an individual session.

Energetic journeying in G4 leads the respective „traveler“, without naming a topic, to situations in which the soul has not yet processed a certain event, which can also lie in past lives. The situation can then be accepted, clarified or resolved and any evaluation of what has happened can dissolve. This is usually a profound experience for the whole group.

Of course I also give individual sessions

In a MindFlow individual coaching session, even long-standing issues and blockages dissolve in the G4 field and enable a more easy and free life.